The "Wine Workout" Is Fantastically Fratty

"REDDING, Calif. -- A 24-year-old Northern California mom's video mixing wine and exercise has gone viral online, seen by roughly more than 25 million people. April Storey said in an interview with local station KRCR that her busy, multi-tasking life was the inspiration for the 15-second video now dubbed "Wine Workout." Storey said, "I was getting ready to do a workout, and I saw the wine there and I'm like, 'You know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video.'" ABC

When I first saw this, I thought that this exercise was for sure categorizable as fun-mom because April is obviously a fun mom. Then I thought it's maybe more in the Northern-Cali category because of the wine. However, when you really get down to it, this "Wine Workout" is simply fratty. Fratty doesn't mean douchey dudes doing stupid or offensive stuff. That's a secondary connotation people have attached to fratty in recent years that has come to even replace fratty's true definition within the zeitgeist. What fratty really means is people doing awesome-fun creative stuff that involves a variation of sports and/or alcohol. Being as April's "Wine Workout" is awesome-fun, creative, and uses both sports and alcohol, it's safe to say it's the highest degree of the best version of fratty. Worthy of being on tank tops and lax pinnies everywhere.

There's so much stupid exercise fad stuff that's popular nowadays--foot gloves, zoomba, hot yoga, people talking about yoga like it's "training" of some sort, CrossFit, soccer--and this "Wine Workout" is finally one that is actually a great idea. Exercise is good for your heart. Wine is good for your heart. The "Wine Workout" is therefore twice as good for your heart as drinking or working out are by themselves. Great move by April Storey. I both expect and look forward to seeing "Wine Workout" gym/bars opening all over the place soon. They'll be welcome replacements for all these annoying yoga and CrossFit "studios" all over the place. April Storey needs to be commended for what she's done here. It's purely healthy, purely good, and purely fratty in all the best ways. Backwards hats off to her. 

Boones Farm needs to hop on this ASAP and become the official bottle of "Wine Workout" international.