Ben McAdoo is PC Principal from South Park

"Giants hire Ben McAdoo to replace Tom Coughlin"


Who is Ben McAdoo? A guy who's worked his way up the coaching ranks pegging along for years, from high school to college to NFL low level assistant/coach to NFL offensive coordinator and now to head coach of the New York football Giants. What do I know about him? Not much beyond that. He worked under Mike McCarthy for a while and then Tom Coughlin, so he at least has studied under some high end, successful coaches. No idea how he'll do. He does have some huge shoes to fill after Tom Coughlin. Huge, orthopedic-insert, velcro-strapped shoes.

Also, the guy's 38, which is wildly young. How young is it? Young enough where he could still realistically be in a post-collegiate fraternity... Sound familiar? Sure as hell looks familiar. Ben McAdoo IS PC Principal from the newest season of South Park. He did pretty well in South Park in his first season, maybe he'll do just as well in New York: