ESPN Is Now Deflating Itself

I don't know how to do this without directing traffic to the very type of beast I wish to slay, but ESPN published an "article" or perhaps more of a "Buzzbait crapshoot" about how bald athletes would look with hair. It's just pictures of bald guys that you can scroll over to give them whacky haircuts.

What? Why? Who decided--how? Is this something indicative of more to come, lower to go?

What is "Yes, yes it is", Alex? Great, I knew that was the answer. Er, question. Next I'll go for "More garbage" for 1000. Oh, a Daily Double!

You know what, I'm just going to pass on finishing the game. I'll let all of these lists and look-how-silly-we-all-are-on-the-internet-we're-all-friends-don't-hurt-anyone's-feelings-ever go and destroy themselves and our already diminished intellect while I go see Leo crush it in "The Revenant."  My dad said it was really good, which is incredible praise for a movie about real mountain men stuff.

I miss you, Paul Newman. You too, Robert Redford. I know you're still here, but I just miss you.

Here's the filth. Avoid it if you can: