Spaceballs Comes to Vietnam!

Whoops there's a few typos in my title. Typos that make for the story I thought it was at first glance:

"Vietnam: Officials probe mysterious 'space balls'"


"Defence officials in Vietnam are investigating the origin of three metal spheres which fell from the sky in the north of the country." 


Wait wait wait, nevermind, the good old BBC found the right funny title. I'm sure some guy in a tweed jacket took a puff of his pipe, chuckled, tapped that gem of a line out on his typewriter, showed it to one of his chums, then that guy said, "Well done, chap!" And he's not wrong.

The gist of the story is three heavy balls which were "compression-air tanks" fell from some sort of spacecraft and crashed into some guy's garden. They're Russian made orbs--of course, of course--but not dangerous.

I feel like I'm hearing a lot about stuff falling from the sky into people's domiciles lately. Does that mean people are just reporting it more, we hear about it more because that's the sort of thing that comes to the forefront in the viral age, or because stuff is actually falling from the sky more nowadays?

I'm gonna go ahead and say it's the third option, that stuff is falling from the sky more. Everyone can't get enough of George Lucas' lifeblood so they're making stuff fall from the sky in an attempt to better connect with space and their fictional heroes. I don't know how they're making stuff fall, because I'm plenty happy with things on Earth and don't need to know, but the nerds are really at it. Up to no good. Everyone everywhere talks about how much of a nerd they are and it's officially gone too far: the nerds are attacking the sky. Where are the days when they could take it out on computer games and slurpees? Those were the real nerds. Hipster nerds are fakes. But apparently they're dangerous now, so continue to not trust them.

Also, I think Han Solo's ashes are in one of those balls. I didn't even see the new movie yet and I know about that. Because the nerds shot that information right out of the sky and into my own personal domicile. Damn nerds, ruining the internet. The very internet the real nerds blessed us with.