I Can't Stop Laughing at These Hugging Border Collies

"Border Collies Dewey, 7, and Blaze, 3, can do all kinds of cool tricks, including riding on a skateboard. But their latest trick of all has warmed the hearts of at least 13 millions people on Facebook. The video of the two hugging each other has gone viral and is reminding social media users to "hug that special someone" this February." ABC

I love me a good Hump Day funny animal video. Ever since that commercial with the talking camel who's excited about Wednesdays it's been a staple of my mid-week video splurge. You know the video:

Absolute fire, 10/10. Hilarious.

There's something about these collies hugging that honestly makes me feel like I'm invading their privacy, which in turn just cracks me up. I know border collies have real peculiar eyes, but still, when they first hug and the bigger dog, the male--I assume he's a male, you can try to call sexist me for it but hey that's how dogs work--looks at the camera, I feel like he's asking for some space. They look like an old couple who's either been forgotten by their busy grandkids or realize that these are the final days they have together on this planet. I know that's sad, but thinking about dogs going through that makes me laugh. It makes me laugh embarrassingly hard. It's always funny seeing animals do people things but boy oh boy is this dog hug just the cherry on the sundae. When the camera zooms in and both of the dogs' eyes are moving side to side they're absolutely saying, "Please, just give us some respect and privacy. We have nothing in this world except each other, so please just let us be alone." It's so stupid, and sad, but is it sad?, but also it is kind of sad, and for some reason that all makes it so funny, which also makes me feel like a bad guy for intruding on these dogs. Every time I re-watch it I laugh a little more but also feel a little more uncomfortable. I know it's nuts but I can't stop looking at these dogs because they really are looking away from the camera as if it's not my business. This is when someone says, "Don't look" so obviously you look right at them. But it's animals saying it, and they're saying it with their eyes. They own so much property in my brain right now. Pure gold funny animal video.

Man, it's just about impossible to find something funnier than dogs with crazy eyes: