Psycho School Bus Driver Almost Gets Kids Killed By Train

"HOUSTON -- Eyewitness News has obtained video from inside a Klein ISD school bus that was nearly struck by a train earlier this month. The incident happened February 10 as a bus zoned to Klein Oak High School crossed the intersection of Northcrest and Root Road. The driver is seen stopping at the train tracks, and then proceeds to cross even after seeing a train coming. The driver then seen stopping that bus after crossing the tracks.

"I guess we'll just sit here for a while," the bus driver stated in the video." 

Holy crap does that video make my blood boil. I'm fuming because of this monster of a person driving the bus. I don't know anything about her and I don't care at all about her backstory or how much she might have been frustrated by the kids or whatever, because any time you endanger kids' lives you're 100% to blame, no excuses. We sure coddle children nowadays and yes, high school kids are almost adults, but this is nothing like any of those stories. This is a person who willingly and on purpose stopped the bus just shy of some train tracks. She was fired but I don't see how she doesn't end up with major legal charges for it. First, no driver of any vehicle has enough control of it to make the call that they're just close enough to not get hit by a train, especially a fricken' yellow school bus. Second, a train is a TRAIN. They suck stuff in all the time. Third, if a train hits you, you're completely gone and the train is completely fine. Fourth, it's a school bus full of kids. Your one job as a driver is to drive them wherever and get them there safe. Fifth and finally, she's caught on film undoubtedly doing this with complete admitted intention of trying to teach these kids some sort of sick lesson, which to her is well worth the risk of their lives. Unbelievable that this happened and it's just great that the kids were all fine. If I'm a parent, though, I'm going to that school board meeting and making the sky fall down on this lady. I'm Clint Eastwood from Dirty Harry and my .44 Magnum is all possible discipline, consequences, and trouble I can get the driver into:

Now that I've cooled off a bit, I've gotta say, the bad month and losing streak for buses in general really continues. After the Chicago Megabus fire yesterday, I think I'll be staying away from buses for a while. Here I've felt so safe and secure in my non-ocean part of the world, but now I realize that buses are just some sort of sick land-sharks. They're trying to kill us all by first alluring us into a sense of peace that even though they're dangerous, they're just part of the water we swim in. Well I've been on to you for ages, sharks, and now I'm on to you, buses. I don't trust you and no one should. You heard me, buses: