Megabus Fire Actually A Pretty Good Outcome As Far As Megabusses Go

"A Minneapolis-bound bus carrying approximately 40 passengers burst into flames outside of Chicago Sunday afternoon in the northern suburbs, according to fire officials. Just after 12 p.m., Lake Forest Fire received a call for a coach bus on fire on the southbound lane of Route 41 between Route 176 and the Lake Forest Hospital entrance, according to investigators. The first crews to arrive reported that the bus was fully engulfed in flames and that all passengers and the driver were off the bus." NBC

All right, before anyone gets their undies in a bunch, everyone was fine in this incident. All of their stuff was burned to smithereens, but the passengers are all OK. Well, OK as far as riding on a Megabus in the first place can go. Honestly, what's the difference between riding on a Megabus that burns and explodes as opposed to one that doesn't? Either way you're late, you're not where you intended to go, you had to take a shit on a bus, you probably have a horrible relationship with a key family member, and you're out between one and five bucks from your ticket. 

This video is shorter than the first one I saw, but the one that aired on TV had a few more people in it... I'm not going to comment on the band of characters involved. I don't need to because: one, they just went through a pretty scary tragedy, riding a Megabus; two, they were additionally inconvenienced beyond the normal nightmare of Megabus by having their bus explode; three, all of their stuff on the bus is gone which absolutely sucks; and four, they're people on a Megabus. They're exactly what you'd expect. I'm not saying I have never taken a Megabus myself and as a result am above it. I'm just saying that everyone when on a Megabus is crazy and ipso facto these are some crazy people.

As far as Megabus accidents go, though, this is actually a pretty good outcome for everyone involved. Again, I can't stress enough how much of a catastrophe this was for them, having to take a Megabus in the first place, but at least they're all alive. So much other absolutely bananas preposterous stuff has happened on these buses, usually ending with multiple people dead. In 2012, a Megabus crashed into an overpass in Syracuse, ejecting several passengers and decapitating another. In 2008, a guy went crazy on a Canadian greyhound, decapitating the guy next to him. In a different 2012 incident, a Megabus crashed into a bridge, killing one passenger, hospitalizing dozens more, and sending "'blood everywhere.'" These are just three of many, many, way too many haunting examples of how insane bus accidents are. It's real messed up how much of this stuff has happened and what specifically has happened, which is why today's bus fire really is a pretty good way for things to have ended, all things considered.

One last thing--of course this Megabus burned down today. Not only was it a Megabus and therefore a big old "lol idk c u l8r" in terms of travel, it was a Megabus headed toward Minneapolis from Chicago on the day of the Stadium Series, a day when the Wild kicked the crap out of us. There was no chance it was gonna work out today. Don't worry about it, though, it's good that it happened on a regular old day in February. It just means it won't happen come May and June when it really matters. Duh, of course I mean the Blackhawks winning. Megabus never gets to win.

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