Tough Child Falls Out of Moving Van In China

"CHINA -- It looks like a nightmare in the making, caught on video — a dashcam shows the tiny figure of a child tumbling from the back of a moving minivan onto the unyielding pavement of a bustling thoroughfare in China." WGN

Holy tamole is that terrifying. I've watched the moment the door opens up and the kid plops out like 10 times and I just can't believe it. How did this happen, regarding both the kid actually falling out and also being OK despite landing on a road in traffic? There are so many aspects of this that are unbelievable. It all seems to point to how tough children are. I think about some of the falls and hits to the head I took as a toddler and how they would absolutely wreck me now as an adult, and I'm still in my "prime" years on top of that. Kids really are tough. If they weren't crying all the time, I would consider toddlers and old babies the toughest people in society. Instead that distinction is reserved for middle-schoolers who either walk to school or wait for the bus in the middle of single digit temperature winters in only a zip-up cotton hoodie. Those kids are the toughest. It's amazing how children can respond to complete parental disregard.

On a side note, this video has the most CNN music possible. If it's not that trumpety "breaking news" music they play on most every video, because they label EVERYTHING as breaking news, it's this kind of music. They are undoubtedly a reliable news network if you're relying on musical and stylistic consistency.