Another Bad Day for Soccer, Emirates

Reuters "Amateur video taken inside a crashed Emirates Boeing 777 shows chaos as passengers try to grab their luggage from overhead compartments while one woman, apparently a flight attendant, shouts at them to evacuate the plane... All 300 passengers and crew were safely evacuated from the plane, though one firefighter was killed on the ground. Authorities said they were investigating Wednesday's crash, which occurred after the crew apparently attempted unsuccessfully to abort a landing."

Soccer. The Olympics are here and it still can't get a break.

We all know those super cool, worldly guys walking around wearing Fly Emirates "jerseys"--a jersey despite the fact that it has sleeves but no pads--talking about their favorite "sport" team while the rest of us are just hanging out, trying to have a good time.

"No man, soccer is my favorite sport. It always has been. And Emirates is my favorite team. Well, we call them clubs in the football world. What's that? Oh that's funny, no, we don't say soccer. That's just what you Americans call football. The rest of the world calls our sport football. Oh, yeah, I mean I am American too yeah, but my perspective totally changed that one term I spent studying Spanish in Madrid that one summer. Anyway I'm just the biggest Real Madrid fan. You could even say that I'm the REAL Madrid haha... Wait, where are you guys all going?..."

We all know that guy. And of course it would be just his luck or his PK or whatever it's called in soccer that his beloved "Fly Emirates" slogan took a nosedive on him.

Fortunately all the passengers and crew survived the crash, because if not, it would be absolutely maddening knowing people were clamoring for their material things during the crash and that that contributed to any loss of life. Lose your stuff. Leave it all behind, it's an emergency. We'll get you a new computer so you can get back on Facebook. What we can't get you is a new Facebook when your current one is shut down because you are dead. There's no extra time at the end of a crash to account for stoppage when your life itself is stoppaged. You've watched grown men fall down on the field acting like something's wrong for years, now is your moment where something actually is wrong so you should be ready for it.

Finally, unfortunately a firefighter lost his life in the aftermath, Jassim Essa Al-Baloushi. Firefighters are never safe on the job and it goes to show that even when it seems like a situation like this may be less severe or even safe, it isn't. Always use proper precaution to the full extent throughout the entirety of an emergency.

Also, soccer is not a real sport.