Good on Rasheed Wallace for Donating Water to Flint

Where I first found the tweet on twitter but not directly. Yes that's super confusing but so is proper attribution on the internet. If the internet enrolled at any legitimate college it would get slaughtered for academic integrity violations. However, the internet is super rich, so it'd be able to get out of disciplinary actions just fine. It'd probably not only get out of trouble for plagiarism easy peasy, but end up having a building named after it when all the money settled. Actually there is already a building on every college campus dedicated to the internet. It's called "the library." Sorry, books.

It's cool to hear about Rasheed Wallace donating water to flint. Don't know if the truck's a semi, pickup, or something in between, but the action is nice and the publicity is good. Yes I suppose for Rasheed on some level, but I mean for Flint. Flint needs all the help and awareness it can get right now. Having said that, donating water is great, as obviously people don't have clean water there right now, but that's not the solution. It's like aspirin for a nasty infection. It'll help the symptoms, but it won't cure the illness. Flint needs humongous financial and structural support. Such a sad and frustrating issue. I'm certainly not proclaiming to know how to fix it, though, so these water donations are wonderful and keep them coming.

Unrelated to water but related to Rasheed Wallace: Rasheed Wallace. Haven't thought about Rasheed for a while. What an interesting player in an interesting era of basketball. His Pistons team was good and I will never argue against any team's championship. You have to admit, though, the 2000's was a strange era of basketball compared to the 90's and now. I have lots of thoughts about that timeframe and most of them relate to Kobe, so I'll save them for another time. Probably when Kobe's actually done and we cant talk about how efficient and clutch and yada yada he actually was.

Hey, speaking of Kobe, here's a clip of Rasheed including the Mambo No. 5 (sort-of-hard-to-follow Kobe burn!):